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nominated toyaward 2013      
Author / Game by:


Peter-Paul Joopen

Janos Jantner (Beehive), Maximilian Jasionowski

Katja Volk

Easy and short rule!
Start playing right away!
HexBug Nano



A Creepy-Crawly Game
for 2– 4 Exterminators, Ages 5–99


This is a battery driven thing "walking" around because of its vibration. Fun to watch and rather unpredictable as to where it will go – yet still controllable enough to be the core for Kakerlakak, which internationally will be called "La Cucaracha". The die tells the player which kind of cutlery he may turn for 90 degrees in a labyrinth inside the box. The aim of the game is to lead the bug into your own trap. After several rounds, the most successful player – well, succeeds and wins the game.

Ahhhhh! There’s a cockroach in the kitchen! Quick - get it! Use the utensils to lure it into your trap. Roll the die to see whether you can turn a fork, knife, or spoon. React fast and move the utensils in the right direction to guide the cockroach into your trap. Each cockroach you trap earns you one cockroach token. The fi rst player to collect 5 tokens wins the game.


Turn on the the cockroach by fl ipping switch found underneath the device and place it in the middle of the game board.
Roll the die
If the die shows a knife, fork or spoon, quickly turn that one corresponding utensil. Example: if the die shows a knife, turn one knife. If the die shows a question mark, quickly turn any one utensil; either a knife, a fork or a spoon.
Turning utensils
Always turn the utensils so that they lock into place. The utensils should not be left at an angle. If a player takes too long, the other players can tell them to hurry up. Play continues in a clockwise direction. The next player rolls the die and turns the corresponding utensil.
Trap the cockroach
The cockroach will crawl all across the game board. You can direct its path and lure it into the trap by strategically turning utensils. Try to change its path so it ends up in your trap. As soon as it falls into a trap, the player who owns the trap receives a cockroach token. Set all the utensils back to form one of the starting positions. The player who won the last cockroach token begins the next round.
Panik Cafard Bugs in the Kitchen Kykapya Csótánycsapda Asien Kakerlakak


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