Eureka! Eureka! gamewright
Game Development / author:
Game Editorial:
Graphic Design:
Peter-Paul Joopen
Alison Yada, Jason Schneider
Guy Francis
Christine Myung

(optimum 1024 x 768 Pixel)

For 2-4 Players
Ages 6 and Up

Rules of Play

Dig for the mother lode in this wild adventure mining game. Roll the die and move around the tile board in search of precious gold nuggets. Use a lantern to light the way, but watch out for bears, bats and dangerous cave-ins. Be the first player to uncover four gold nuggets and "Eureka!" - you win!


The object of the games is to be the first player to find and claim four different gold nugget tiles.

How to Play

On your turn, roll the die and move your miner the number of tiles that you rolled. You can move in a straight line or in any combination of directions except: Also, you cannot move back to a space you just from or land on a space occupied by another miner. For example, if you rolled a five, you could move five spaces to the right, left, up, down, or in a zigzag pattern, depending on where you want to land.

Turn over the tile when you land to see what's on the other side.
What did you find?

Rocks Rocks - Nothing happens. Put your miner on top of the tile, then play passes to the left.
Keep Out! Keep Out! - Oops! You went in a restricted area of the mine. Lose one turn (your turn is skipped next time).
Bear Bear - Oh, no! A bear chased you out of the mine! Move your miner back to the corner of the mine where you started.
Danger Danger - Watch out for rocks caving in! Roll the die: If you a roll a 1, 2 or 3 ... 0h, no! You got caught in the cave-in, so you lose one turn (your turn is skipped next time). it If you a roll a 4, 5 or 6 ... Phew! You avoided the cave-in, so you get another turn! Roll the die and move the number shown.
Bats Bats - Get away from these as you can! Roll the die and move again.
Mining Car Mining Car - Take a ride! Move your miner to any tile that is not already claimed and turn it over.
Lantern Lantern - Use the light to find your way! You (and only you) get to peck at all the tiles that immediately border the lantern, even diagonally. Lantern Notes: You can't claim nuggets when you're looking - you can only sneak a peck at them. Try to remember what's hidden where for your next turn.
Gold Nuggets Gold Nuggets - Shout "Eureka!" (pronounced you-ree-kah, meaning "I found it!") when you uncover any gold nuggets. Leave the nugget tile face up with the token and roll again! Important Note: In order to win, you need to find four different gold nugget tiles (one nugget, two nuggets, three nuggets and four nuggets). If you turn over a nugget tile that matches one you already have claimed, turn it back over and play passed to the left.

Ending the Game

The winner is the first player to claim four different gold nugget tiles.