The Ladybugs' Costume Party Kinderspiel des Jahres 2002
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Illustrations (2001):
Illustrations (2015):

Peter-Paul Joopen

Barbara Kinzenbach
Anne Pätzkef

Quickly change into your costume and it's off to the costume party.
Dexterity game with " magical" magnetic powers
for 2 or more "ladybugs", 4 years and up.


The ladybugs are in the middle of organizing their annual costume party and have decided that their "costumes" will be coloured spots. They decide that it would took much better if they each had five different coloured spots so they start swapping spots. But, they can only swap spots when the other ladybug likes the colour offered and that doesn't always happen.
The ladybugs can't afford to waste too much time being choosy because the ants have got wind of the coming ball and are already on their way. They will eat all the delicious food at the bat[ if they get there first. What a nuisance! Hopefully the ladybugs will succeed before the greedy ants arrive.

Rules of game

The player is spinning the arrow in the middle of the flower on the game board. If the arrow points to a flower petal, the player may move the ladybug sitting on this petal to sit face to face with any other ladybug on any other petal on the board.

If this ladybug turns away (built in magnets with decide) it means that she doesn't like the other ladybug's colours and doesn't want to swap spots. What a shame! If this happens, the travelling ladybug must go back home to his petal and it's next player's turn to spin the arrow.
If the ladybugs don't turn away from each other, it means that they do like each other's colours and they can swap spots. Please note that only the spots from the ladybugs "home" petals are to be swapped. In other words, you can only swap the spots that you have more than one of.

Following a successful exchange, the ladybug can fly from one petal to another collecting spots until such time as the resident ladybug turns away ort hat he finishes collecting his five different coloured spots so that his costume is ready. In this case he can go straight to the ball and can be placed on the next available party space starting from the right. The next player can now begin his turn.

If the travelling ladybug meets another who doesn't want to swap spots then his turn is over and he must return to his own petal in the outer circle. All the ladybugs must be turned to face the middle again. The game continues with the next player in a clockwise direction.

If the travelling ladybug manages to help other ladybugs to finish collecting their five different coloured spots, then they may also continue on to the party and be placed on the spaces at the bottom of the board. Then the travelling ladybug can continue his "flight".

The petals remain empty once the ladybug's costume is completed, and he has taken his place at the bottom of the board.

If the arrow stops between two petals, the ladybug must take a break and miss a turn. Meanwhile, one of the ants can get on his way to the ball. . The ants have to go some distance to get to the ball so they can do this in two steps. The first step takes them to the daisy and when the arrow next stops between petals, they take the second step to their place at the ball. The ants places should be filled from top to bottom.

If the arrow stops on an empty petal, the player can choose any ladybug he or she likes and can continue as above.

The end of the game

As soon as one of the groups is complete, the game is over. If all the ladybugs are sitting in their row on the board, they have managed to be the first to attend the ball. The should sit themselves around the "fully-laid table" to enjoy all the "goodies" there. If the ant row is full first, then the ants have managed to get there before the ladybugs and rush greedily at the "table" and the provisions.

And now have fun at the costume party...

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